Renowned for excellence and quality craftsmanship, Pelton & Crane has been revolutionizing the dental chair industry for over 120 years. Since their beginnings in 1900 with the groundbreaking Pelton Electric Furnace, they have established themselves as pioneers and industry leaders through continuous innovation.

This article traces Pelton & Crane’s evolution from a startup to an iconic brand. We explore their design philosophy focused on ergonomics and aesthetics, highlight popular Spirit chair models, and showcase real-life perspectives from dental practices using these chairs.

Additionally, we cover pro tips for maintaining Pelton & Crane chairs, emerging trends that will shape their future, and why their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction cements their reputation as the preferred choice for discerning dentistry professionals.

The Making of an Icon: Pelton & Crane’s Enduring Legacy

The odyssey began in 1900 when Dr. Richard Pelton and Earnest Crane developed the revolutionary Pelton Electric Furnace, forever changing dental chair design. This invention marked the genesis of a legacy defined by trailblazing solutions advancing dental care.

Their continuous evolution, catering to modern dentistry’s dynamic needs, reflects an unwavering commitment to the dental community. Pelton & Crane dental chairs remain functional for over 30 years, a testament to their meticulous craftsmanship and durability.

This enduring legacy stems from a customer-centric approach that has shaped over a century of excellence. As we glimpse into the future, Pelton & Crane are poised to unleash innovations that will redefine standards.

Design Philosophy: Ergonomics Meets Aesthetics

The Pelton & Crane design philosophy artfully blends ergonomics and visual elegance. Their dental chairs showcase impeccable craftsmanship and functionality, catering to dentists while exuding understated beauty.

Ergonomically, the chairs are engineered to minimize strain and fatigue for dentists. Meanwhile, customers can select from varied aesthetics aligned with their practice’s design sensibilities, including superior upholstery options.

This harmonious balance between form and function has earned Pelton & Crane its reputation for world-class dental chairs.

Spotlight: Pelton & Crane’s Spirit Chair Models

Pelton & Crane’s Spirit chairs integrate advanced technology with exceptional comfort, optimizing clinical precision and patient experience.

Spirit 3300

Spirit 3300 Model
Spirit 3300 Model

The premium Spirit 3300 offers enhancements in access, comfort, and aesthetics:

  • The narrow 11.5″ back enables unmatched oral cavity access without compromising ergonomics or shoulder support.
  • Articulating headrest with ideal adjustment range facilitates patient positioning.
  • Electronic swivel simplifies chair operation for efficiency.
  • Plush upholstery options, like memory foam, provide unparalleled comfort.

Spirit 1700

Spirit 1700 Model
Spirit 1700 Model

The technology-driven Spirit 1700 delivers exceptional value:

  • Touchpad controls on doctor’s and assistant’s sides enable easy chair adjustments.
  • Narrow-back design improves access and workflow.
  • Durable construction from quality components ensures longevity.
  • Asepsis upholstery simplifies infection control procedures.

These chairs showcase Pelton & Crane’s hallmarks—ergonomic functionality, seamless technology integration, and enduring quality—that optimize daily dental workflows.

Real-World Perspectives: Pelton & Crane Chairs in Action

Pelton & Crane chairs, such as the Spirit 3000 and Spirit 1700, have earned widespread praise for their ingenuity in balancing dentist ergonomics and patient comfort.

“The Spirit 3000’s narrow yet supportive back enables excellent access to oral cavities with patients comfortably reclined,” shared Dr. David Ahearn, DDS.

Its articulating headrest also allows smooth repositioning during procedures, an invaluable advantage over fixed headrests.

Another dentist using refurbished Spirit chairs found them vastly superior to previous models. Despite heavy usage, the core chair components remained fully functional, validating their enduring quality.

These real-world experiences reaffirm Pelton & Crane’s commitment to meaningful innovation, benefiting dentists and patients alike.

Maintenance Tips: Caring for Your Pelton & Crane Chairs

To maximize the longevity of Pelton & Crane chairs, consider these pro tips:

  1. Download manuals for using and caring for your specific chair models. Pelton & Crane’s website offers easy access to these resources.
  2. Contact tech support to troubleshoot issues; their experts can diagnose problems and recommend solutions.
  3. Book annual servicing to inspect key components and address minor repairs before they become major issues.

Performing regular upkeep preserves performance and enhances the lifespan of your investment in Pelton & Crane’s exceptional chairs.

The Shape of Things to Come: Future Innovations

True to their legacy of trailblazing innovations, Pelton & Crane aims to unleash advances that will redefine standards.

Upcoming launches center on expanding flexibility, accessibility, and comfort to accommodate varied dentist requirements and patient sizes. Features in development include:

  • Adjustable widths and weight capacities to suit different body types
  • Customizable armrests and headrests for personalized positioning
  • Integrated sensor technology responding to dentists’ posture to improve ergonomics

These enhancements will establish new benchmarks for performance, convenience, and customization.

The Preferred Choice: Why Pelton & Crane Leads the Way

For over 120 years, Pelton & Crane has charted an unparalleled journey driven by meaningful innovation and customer-centricity.

Their dental chairs showcase integrated technology and exceptional craftsmanship that optimize clinical precision and comfort. Real-world accounts validate their uncompromising standards for ergonomics, reliability, and longevity.

Pelton & Crane’s rich heritage of pioneering solutions, coupled with upcoming breakthroughs, cements their standing as the most trusted name in dental chairs. Discover why Pelton & Crane is the discerning professional’s preferred choice.

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Explore our in-depth ADS dental chair reviews to compare Pelton & Crane models with other leading brands and make an informed decision for your practice.

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How do Pelton Crane chairs enhance patient comfort?

Through ergonomic design and features like the ErgoSoothe™ massaging system.

What makes Pelton Crane chairs appealing to dentists?

Their emphasis on ergonomic efficiency and advanced technological features.

How often should Pelton & Crane dental chairs be serviced?

Regular servicing is recommended at least once a year, but more frequent checks are advised depending on usage.

Can the upholstery of Pelton & Crane chairs be customized?

Yes, Pelton & Crane offers various upholstery options, and chairs can be reupholstered to match practice décor.

What should I do if the dental chair’s hydraulic system is not functioning properly?

Refer to the chair’s manual for troubleshooting steps or contact a professional technician for assistance.

Are there specific cleaning agents recommended for Pelton & Crane chairs?

Yes, it’s important to use cleaning agents that are compatible with the chair’s materials. Refer to the chair’s manual for specific recommendations.

How can I ensure the longevity of the electrical components of my Pelton & Crane dental chair?

Regular checks, following the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines, and using a surge protector can help ensure the longevity of the chair’s electrical components.

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