Marus chairs transcend traditional dental equipment, representing a revolutionary leap in dental care. Each chair embodies a perfect fusion of comfort, affordability, and versatility, designed to surpass both practitioners’ and patients’ expectations.

Ergonomic Excellence: Marus Dental Chairs redefine comfort and efficiency in dentistry

With a focus on ergonomic excellence, these chairs ensure maximum patient comfort and ease of operation for professionals. Key features like the Marus Dental Chair foot switch enable seamless adjustments in patient positioning, significantly enhancing procedural efficiency. This ergonomic focus not only improves the patient experience but also minimizes the strain on dental practitioners.

For insights into maintaining the ergonomic integrity and functionality of these chairs, explore our detailed Dental Chair Reupholstering and Maintenance guide.

These chairs also feature a contemporary, stylish design, effortlessly fitting into any dental clinic’s decor.

Affordability Meets Premium Quality

Cost-Effective Quality: Marus Dental Chairs deliver exceptional value, merging luxury with affordability. Their competitive pricing makes advanced dental care technology accessible for more practices.

Enhancing Comfort and Operational Efficiency

Comfort Features: Elements like adjustable armrestsergonomic backrest, and smooth upholstery aim to provide patients an exceptionally relaxing experience. This contributes greatly to positive dental visits.

For a detailed breakdown of comfort features in dental chairs, consider our article on Key Features to Look for in a Dental Chair.

Efficiency Functionality: Features such as preset positionscontrol customization, and a narrow supportive profile give practitioners the flexibility and accessibility to perform procedures with ease. This ergonomic excellence enhances productivity and minimizes fatigue.

Hygienic and Durable Construction

Marus dental chairs feature high-quality components designed for longevity, without compromising on hygiene.

Easy Cleaning: With non-porous surfaces that are simple to disinfect between patients, these chairs support rigorous infection control protocols.

Durability: Constructed using heavy-duty metals and long-lasting upholstery materials, Marus chairs provide years of reliable functionality.

Understanding the Marus Dental Chair Range In-Depth

Selecting the right Marus Dental Chair requires a thorough understanding of its technical specifications. Marus offers an extensive range catering to diverse dental requirements:

Marus DC 1490 Maxstar

  • Narrow and wide backrest variants
  • 4 programmable positions
  • Memory foam cushion
  • Quick release adjustable headrest

Marus DC 1690 Maxstar

  • Automatic control for 3 handpieces
  • Assistant instrument package
  • Electronic foot switch
  • 30° swiveling upper structure

Marus DC 1700 Nustar

  • Touchpad backrest controls
  • Glide bar tension adjustment
  • Swing-out armrests
  • Accommodates wheelchair patients

Marus Euro Chair

  • 1490 Chair model
  • 82 Delivery unit with cuspidor
  • Luxstar ML1000 light

For more detailed specifications, please visit our Key Features to Look for in a Dental Chair page.

Technical Specifications:

Electrical Specifications: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3.5-6 A

Maximum Load Capacity: Up to 350 lbs

Control Type: Footswitch, touchpads

Chair Movement: Electric or hydraulic lifts

Dimensions: Length 76-82 in, Width 25-27 in, Height 50-57 in

Upholstery: PU leather, ultra-leather, memory foam

Hydraulic Specifications: Water pressure 0.2-0.4 MPa, Air pressure 0.5-0.8 MPa

Why Choose Marus Dental Chairs?

This winning combination of affordability, hygiene, versatility, and comfort makes them an ideal choice for both patients and dental professionals.

By incorporating Marus chairs into a practice, you’re not just choosing a chair; you’re embracing a future where luxury, efficiency, and patient satisfaction are central to dental care.

For a deeper understanding of the various models and their features, consider exploring our comprehensive Marus Dental Chair Guide.

And to ensure the longevity of your Marus chair, don’t forget to check out our tips on Dental Chair Reupholstering and Maintenance.

For those interested in comparing Marus chairs with other options in the market, our page on Different Types of Dental Chairs offers valuable insights.


In the dynamic world of dental healthcare, Marus Dental Chairs stand out as a beacon of innovation, merging luxurious comfort with high efficiency. These chairs are not just tools for dental procedures but symbols of advanced dentistry, offering both patients and dentists a unique experience.

This in-depth exploration will highlight why Marus chairs are synonymous with ergonomic excellencecost-effectivenesshygienic design, and ultimate comfort.


What sets Marus dental chairs apart?

Marus chairs combine ergonomic design, advanced technology, and affordability, setting them apart in the dental equipment market.

What are the warranty options for Marus chairs?

Marus offers a standard 3-year warranty, underscoring their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Can Marus chairs accommodate patients with disabilities?

Yes, Marus chairs are designed to be inclusive, accommodating patients with different needs, including those with disabilities.

How do ergonomic designs of Marus chairs enhance dental procedures?

Ergonomic designs ensure patient comfort and facilitate ease of operation for dentists, leading to more efficient procedures.

What sets Marus dental chairs apart from others?

Marus dental chairs are known for their affordability, comfort, and ease of use. They feature electric lifts or hydraulics for precise positioning, foot pedals for adjustability, multiple preset positions, and a design that aligns with the body’s shape. They also prioritize hygiene with easy-to-clean finishes.

How do Marus dental chairs enhance the patient experience?

Marus dental chairs enhance the patient experience by providing a comfortable and relaxing environment. The chairs’ design allows for easy patient positioning, and their sleek, modern look can contribute to a positive perception of the dental practice.

How do Marus dental chairs support dental professionals?

Marus dental chairs support dental professionals by making their jobs easier. The chairs’ adjustments can be made effortlessly via touchpad or foot controls, allowing for proper patient positioning for treatments and procedures. The slim yet supportive profile of the chairs also facilitates close patient access.

What are some key features of Marus dental chairs?

Key features of Marus dental chairs include an electric lift or hydraulics, a foot pedal for adjustability, multiple preset positions, a choice of materials and colors, and a comfortable design that aligns with the body’s shape. They also have controls on both sides of the chair and armrests that facilitate easy patient movement.

Are there any maintenance or repair considerations for Marus dental chairs?

Marus provides multiple tools and replacement components for the maintenance and repair of its dental chairs. Regular upkeep and prompt addressing of any issues can help ensure the longevity and performance of the chairs.

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